mondialito was formed in 2002.ToshiyaFueoka(songs) began to make songs at 15,performed with friendssometimes.At 20,he decided to recruit female singer,and met Junko(vo/words).
It wasn't hard to become mondialito due to similler taste in music.One of their song called "rainy green grass"was in the compiration album along with scandinavian artists like Tore Johansson in June,2002. And then they released a mini album called "note of dawn" on dodgie disc in Japan in October. In that album they collaborated with johan(club8) on "last sleep of a boy" After the release they began to performe mostly in Tokyo.

2004 April ,2nd album "avant la pluie"was released on their own label「lazur-record」.All the songs are sung in french.This year Junko moved to Paris and they continue to create songs together.

2005 january, 1st and 2nd album were released in Korea by Pastel music.Then they played in Korea that month with swan dive.And "notre echec" from their 2nd album was used at Krean CF "Xi apart brand of LG Enc".
2005 December,3rd"mondialito"was released.For two songs"Page blanche"and "tous les jours" from this album,they featured the french singer Celine who worked with Benjamin Biolay (producer of Keren Ann)in his last album.
Their all three albums were rereased and they performed in Hong Kong,Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

10月、club8のヨハンプロデュース曲を含むミニアルバム『note of dawn』をリリース。同月、スウェーデン大使館主催のイベントswedish styleに参加。

2004年、2ndアルバム[avant la pluie]をリリース。香港や韓国でのリリースや、収録曲[notre echec]がCMで使用される。フランスのラジオ局に出演。

2005年、フランス音楽界の旗手Benjamin Biolayの最新作に参加のcelineをコーラスに迎え、3rdアルバム[mondialito]をリリース。香港にてワンマンライブ。

2006年、 台湾formoz festival-韓国-東京、とツアーを行い4th albumの制作を進める。